Who is excited over the idea of buying alcohol on Sundays?

The Connecticut General Assembly's State Senate this week approved a liquor reform bill allowing the Sunday sale of alcohol. Listed below is a press release from Milford's state Sen. Gayle Slossberg. 

I was wonder what do you think of selling alcohol on Sunday's? Personally, for me I'm not a big drinker, a couple of beers on the weekend tops. 

I am in the habit of purchasing alcohol either on a Friday or Saturday when needed. I doubt I'll change my habits and run out on a Sunday. I do wonder how many people will alter their habits. 

I guess for people who watch sporting events on the weekends this could be good news. Again I am curious to see how much revenue this really brings in. 

Also its interesting that package stores can now sell fruit for mixed drinks. Maybe if I need some Vitamin C I'll stop by my local package store! 

Here is the press release: State Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) announced Senate passage of a liquor reform bill that allows the Sunday sale of alcohol and strikes a balance between benefiting consumers and protecting small package store owners.

House Bill 5021, An Act Concerning Competitive Alcohol Liquor Pricing and Hours or Operation for Permittees, passed 28-6 in the Senate. The bill passed in the House last month and now goes to Governor Dannel P. Malloy to be signed into law.

“This bill is about empowering consumers by giving them the option of purchasing alcohol on Sundays and holidays. But it is also about protecting the livelihood of small package store owners,” said Sen. Slossberg

“We are at our best as legislators when we achieve compromise on important bills that improve the quality of life for Connecticut residents. I commend Sen. Paul Doyle for leading passage of this bill in the Senate and I thank Governor Malloy for his vision in finally clearing the path for Sunday sales in Connecticut.”
The version of the bill approved today:
  • Allows for the sale of alcohol on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., which enables stores in Connecticut to open earlier than in Massachusetts.

  • Increases the number of stores a package store owner can own from two to three.

  • Maintains minimum pricing rules, but allows package store owners to choose one item a month to sell at a 10 percent discount.

  • Establishes a 15-member task force to study other liquor reform proposals, such as a medallion system for package store owners and allowing quantity discounts.

  • Allows package stores to offer fresh fruit used in the preparation of mixed drinks and to sell cheese and crackers and olives.


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