Thursday, June 28, 2012

Milford Hospital awards annual scholarships

On June 25, 2012 the Milford Hospital foundation presented four scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Funded by the Milford Hospital Employee Giving Campaign, these scholarships are awarded annually to a child, grandchild, niece or nephew of a current Milford Hospital employee.

The Milford Hospital Foundation announced that this year’s recipients are Tiffany Arias, Christian Lesage, William Villa, Jr. and Derek Mauriello.

Milford Hospital’s President/CEO Joe Pelaccia said, “It was a difficult selection process, this year’s applicants were all very well qualified. The scholarship recipients were chosen for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities and community involvement.”
Tiffany Arias, is a graduate of Stratford High School and the niece Cecilia Torres, a Radiology Scheduler at Milford Hospital. Tiffany’s honor roll performance accompanied by her numerous extracurricular activities and community involvement have made her very deserving of this scholarship. Tiffany will be attending the University of New Haven in pursuit of a career as speech language pathologist.

Christian Lesage, is an alum of Lyman Hall High School and his father, David, is an electrician here at Milford Hospital. Christian will be attending Cornell University and will be studying plant science in order to purse a career as a plant pathologist.  During his tenure at Lyman Hall, Christian was part of the National Honors Society and received a certificate in Agricultural Education from the Connecticut FFA Chapter. Christian’s outstanding academic record has made him worthy of this scholarship.

William Villa, Jr., is a Radiology Aide and a recent graduate of Stratford High School. William has worked with the Stratford EMS for four years and is also part of the National Honor Society. He will be joining the Fairfield University Class of 2016 as a Biology/Pre-Med major and hopes to be an Emergency Room Physician in the future.  When William is not working at Milford Hospital, he can be found at Stratford EMS Post 4911 or working in retail at Old Navy.

Derek Mauriello is the son of Debra Mauriello, Director of the Department of Radiology at Milford Hospital. Derek is a graduate of Notre Dame High School of West Haven and will begin to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven. Derek’s outstanding academic performances, along with his community involvement have earned him the Milford Hospital Foundation Scholarship.  Derek hopes to pursue tenure in the United States Military followed by a career in law enforcement.

Milford Hospital congratulates the four recipients and their families and wishes them much success in their future pursuits.
(PHOTO:   left to right:   Derek Mauriello,  Tiffany Arias,  William Villa and Christian Lesage)


The limits to Freedom of Information

A reporter's biggest frustration is their inability to convey to the reader the full story behind important decisions. That is why I requested under the state's Freedom of Information Act all documents and emails pertaining to why Platt Principal Patricia DeCoster resigned her position.

It took awhile to get the information but in the end all that was learned was their were performance issues, according to the principal herself. But in the remaining 25 pages there is no information about what were the performance issues.

Honestly, its frustrating to not be able to let you know more. These are the times where I kind of feel as a failure as a reporter because it's my job to present all of the information, and I can't. I am told by the state that both sides including the principal signed a document promising to not say what were the reasons why DeCoster is not seeking a second year at Platt.

What do you think? Should the documents be publicized? Please share your comments here or email me at

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Lauralton Hall of Milford announces their honor roll

MILFORD – Principal Ann Pratson of The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall has announced the Honor Roll for the Fourth Quarter of the 2011 – 2012 school year.
High Honors students have achieved an average of at least 92 in all academic courses; Honors students have an average of at least 86 in all academic courses.

BETHEL Resident
Grade 9: Laura Shafer
BRANFORD Residents
Grade 10: Ali Luchini
Grade 9: Cailin Dendas
High Honors
Grade 12: Katherine Fredericks
Grade 11: Maria Flores
Grade 9: Jaclyn Brewster, Alexandra Moleski and Yvonne Nguyen
Grade 12: Ruthy Blackwell, Mirandy Kim and Carla Paiva
Grade 11: Rajane Brown, Linda Fuller, Cameron Gerrity, Nadia Makhraz, Brenda Moreno, Caitlin  Nevins and Alexandra Torres
Grade 10: Rashauna Banks, Safirah Fequiere, Samantha Haba, Anna Hempowicz, Rachel Landock and Michaela Pelletier
Grade 9: Diamante McKay and Carolyn Spencer
                Grade 12: Mariel Schlaefer
High Honors
                Grade 11: Kathryn d’Ablemont
DARIEN Residents
                Grade 10: Maryclaire Barnard
                Grade 9: Farrell Granath
DERBY Residents
High Honors
                Grade 12: Vincenza Bartholomew
                Grade 12: Marissa Matto
                Grade 9: Jordyn Miller
                Grade 12: Sarah Parlato and Caitlin Riccitelli
                Grade 10: Lindsay Zabawar
High Honors
                Grade 12: Madeline Rudden
EASTON Residents
High Honors
                Grade 11: Alison Miles and Gabrielle Shkreli
                Grade 10: MaryKate Firisin
                Grade 12: Regan Beem
                Grade 11: Caroline Lillicraf, Caroline McCauley, Alexa Pavia and Sarah Yoney
                Grade 9: Kathryn Adriani and Laura Maiorano
High Honors
Grade 12: Catherine McAree
Grade 11: Emily Harris, Elizabeth Leonard, Gabrielle Mancini and Colleen O’Connell
Grade 10: Megan Fickes, Ann Marie Guzzi and Brittany Sendzik
Grade 9: Lindsey Meyers and Remi Smith
Grade 12: Shelby Halliday, Jacqueline Horne, Nicole Kaps, Emma Linsenmeyer, Shannon Miller, Erin Montanez, Haley Olson, Mairead Ryan and Allison Sacco
Grade 11: Caitlin Bennett, Mary Alice Devaney, Mary Mackenzie Diamond, Alice Horne, Caitlin Kells, Casey Kral, Abbey Maloney, Caleigh O’Leary and Kathryn Ullman
Grade 10: Kiernan Black, Emma Dunleavy, Caroline Kane, Micaela Murphy, Brittany O’Leary, Meredith Peloso, Amy Jo Sheketoff and Taylor Westermann
Grade 9: Haley Congdon, Kelsey Llewellyn, Uma Moyse, Maggie Salandra, Victoria Stapleton, Devon Valera, Danielle Veith and Megan Watts
HAMDEN Resident
High Honors
                Grade 11: Jessica Napolitano
High Honors
                Grade 10: Emma McCarty
MADISON Resident
                Grade 12: Kassandra Hernandez
MILFORD Residents
High Honors
Grade 12: Lauren Bowlby, Megan Cogguillo, Abbey Guerino, Meghan O’Connell, Nicole Peterson and Erin Siegman
Grade 11: Emily Bonzagni, Katherine Boynton, Deirdre Eason, Julia Elia, Mary Landry, Hannah Olsson and Katie Souto
Grade 10: Natalie Ambrosey, Emily Castagna, Alexandra Ende, Abigail Janik, Ariel Kovlakas, Olivia Parise, Lauren Sell and Taylor Whittaker
Grade 9: Sarah Boynton, Theresa Bravo, Gillian Ellis, Sarah Haselkamp, Christine Heisler, Margaret Landry, Amanda Piechota and Angela Provenzano
Grade 12: Taylor Criscuolo, Emily Janik, Catherine Knoedler, Tavia Mastrianni, Samantha Rozmus, Jenna Saymon and Hannah Stahl
Grade 11: Valentina Ballas, Staci D’Andrea, Carina de Lemos, Kelly DeHart, Shea Dolan, Alyssa Fratarcangeli, Katherine Leiper, Deneca Minowa, Bianca Robertson, Emma Soviero  and Kathleen Sullivan
Grade 10: Juliette Arciuolo, Lindsey Attolino, Kelly Clancy, Rhiannon Cradley, Lauren Fraser, Brittany Galuppo, Gabriella Johnson, Cristina Kempf, Georgia Patrick, Ana Peruzzi, Kimberly Pritchard, Sabrina Scarpetti and Emily Shea
Grade 9: Emily Besaw, Alexa Dawid, Faye DiBella, Shannon Hargitt, Kimberly Knipstein, Suzanne Lema, Keely McCarthy, Caitlyn Scagliarini and Caitlyn Siegman
MONROE Residents
High Honors
Grade 11: Andrea Castillo
Grade 10: Emilie Iwaszkiewicz, Katherine Logan
                Grade 12: Jennifer Amoroso and Micaela Kwochka
                Grade 11: Sarah Foley and Kathryn Rogers
                Grade 10: Isabella Giannini and Rebecca Moore
                Grade 9: Caroline Rogers and Elise Vincent
NEW CANAAN Residents
High Honors
                Grade 10: Maureen Connolly
                Grade 9: Emily Meyer
NEW HAVEN Resident
                Grade 9: Corey Patchofsky
NEWTOWN Residents
High Honors
                Grade 12: Rhea Schneider
                Grade 12: Mary Siroky
                Grade 10: Helene Sorensen
NORWALK Residents
High Honors
                Grade 11: Kelly Russo and Isabella Serrano
                Grade 10: Kaitlyn DeLallo, Alexandra Mueller  and McKenzie Tavella
                Grade 9: Marissa Favano and Olivia Maffei
Grade 12: Guylendy Dormevil, Luisa Duque, Ashley Flynn, Oreoluwa Taiwo and Jane Zawislak
Grade 11: Catherine Priolet, Emily Ruther and Caitlin Skroly
Grade 10: Lauren Flynn and Madison Meyer
Grade 9: Allison Devine, Julia Patnaude, Kathryn-Rose Schaffer, Melissa Serrano and Jessica Vanam
ORANGE Residents
High Honors
                Grade 11: Taylor Black, Lauren Lichac and Rebecca Morgan
                Grade 9: Caitlyn Black, Taylor Choe and Claire Sweeney
                Grade 12: Hayley Spragg
                Grade 11: Nicole Sweeney
                Grade 10: Bridget Stackpole
                Grade 9: Amelia Justo
OXFORD Resident
                Grade 12: Kara Kendziorski
REDDING Resident
                Grade 9: Willemien Araya Arancibia
High Honors
                Grade 11: Carolyn Savoia
                Grade 10: Victoria Lang and Elizabeth Renehan
                Grade 9: Elizabeth Martinez
                Grade 12: Noel Ostrosky
                Grade 10: Emma Scally
                Grade 9: Lorin Pucel
SANDY HOOK Residents
High Honors
                Grade 12: Alexandra Hamar, Kelly Ann McCarth and Amanda Watson
                Grade 12: Christina Gould and Sarah Wilkie
SEYMOUR Residents
                Grade 11: Catherine Gulish
                Grade 9: Alice Perrigo
SHELTON Residents
High Honors
                Grade 12: Brooke Buynak and Avalon Esposito
                Grade 11: Lily Fortin, Regina Magi, Marisa Messer, Jessica Recce and Katherine Wilcoxson
                Grade 10: Kathleen Brennan
                Grade 9: Lianne Bisch, Sofia D’Amico, Emily Discepola and Amy Izzo
Grade 12: Rebecca Mancini, Erin McCann, Megan McDevitt, Nadia Oberson and Sydney Spitz
Grade 10: Victoria Anthony, Alexandra Gjoni, Marietta Khalil, Taylor Matto, Emily Menendez and Amber Sheffield
Grade 9: Christiana Grace Ready and Lindsey Spitz
                Grade 9: Rachel Campbell
                Grade 9: Annelise Butler
                Grade 9: Mishell Manrique
High Honors
Grade 12: Rachel Roberts
Grade 9: Kara Duggan
                Grade 10: Branna Oricoli and Sarah von Euler
                Grade 9: Caroline Ketcher
High Honors
                Grade 10: Elizabeth Lamonte and Jeanne-Claire Vincent
                Grade 9: Marissa Browne and Megan Hurley
                Grade 12: Grace Dahlman and Eileen Peltier
                Grade 11: Emilia Tanu
                Grade 9: Alexandria Grabler and Emma SanFilippo
High Honors
                Grade 12: Jacquelyn Kubicko
                Grade 11: Dorothy Canevari and Rebecca Sherrick
                Grade 10: Caroline Auger and Carly Fabbri
                Grade 9: Christina Augusztin and Daniella Swaby
Grade 12: Laura Schirillo
Grade 11: Jenna Bump, Jordan Kellogg and Myriam Philitas
Grade 10: Brianna Feehan, Aubrey Lowe, Nicole McBride and Ashley Rich
Grade 9: Shannon Wade
TRUMBULL Residents
High Honors
                Grade 12: Wendy Amidon, Gwen Hawkes, Cayla Maloney and Noelle Starr
                Grade 11: Michelle DeSantis and Amanda Perez
                Grade 10: Brenna Donahue and Maria Anna Zdrodowska
Grade 12: Fallon Foster, Catherine Riccio and Emaily Wolpiuk
Grade 11: Victoria Bresnahan, Isabella Dalena, Melanie Dumitrescu, Michelle Martire, Jillian Murray  and Brielan Whitaker
Grade 10: Addline Cohane, Amanda Daniel, Brooke Goulden and Mary Spillane
Grade 9: Meghan Dougherty and Madison Kustom
High Honors
                Grade 12: Christina Nestor
                Grade 11: Kiley Cappetta
                Grade 9: Makayla Leroux
                Grade 11: Eva Karakolidis
                Grade 9: Melissa Tighe
                Grade 12: Briana Archer
WESTON Residents
                Grade 11: Allison Carey
WESTPORT Residents
High Honors
                Grade 11: Emma Catalfamo, Alexandra Garvey and Emily Radesca
                Grade 10: Veronica Harris
                Grade 9: Christina Garvey
                Grade 11: Megan Clark, MaryKate Fornshell and Catherine McNeela
                Grade 9: Gwyneth Mulliken
WILTON Residents
High Honors
Grade 11: Brigid Rooney
Grade 9: Vivienne Strmecki
Grade 11: Deanna Popa
Grade 10: Katherine Foley
High Honors
                Grade 10: Ellen Tein

Information was sent via the school in a press release. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Milford police arrest two people who stole two air conditioners and a tv

The Milford Police Department arrests for Tuesday include two people allegedly taking someone's identity to purchase air conditioners and a flat screen tv, but then they also tried to get a service contract for the items they allegedly fraudulently purchased.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silver Sands State Park in Milford closed to swimming

Silver Sands State Park in Milford is closed for swimming until Thursday at the earliest due to poor water quality. Samples will be taken Wednesday. We will update with more information once we get it.

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Milford Police Urge People to Adhere to Firework Laws

Police are urging Milford residents to be careful and be aware of laws pertaining to fireworks during the July 4 season.
Only fireworks that are non-explosive, non-aerial and have less than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture are legal in Connecticut for those ages 16 and up. Items like bottle rockets, fire crackers smoke bombs and “snakes” are illegal to possess and discharge.
Police will be stepping up enforcement of state laws and city ordinances for fireworks.
About 8,600 patients were treated for firework-related injuries in the U.S. in 2010, according to a Milford police press release.

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Whole Foods to Help Raise Money for Massaro Community Farm

Whole Foods shoppers in Milford will be improving more than their health on Wednesday.

Five percent of every purchase at the Milford store will go to support the Massaro Community Farm in Woodbridge. The farm is dedicated to organic farming and building community.

“We are hopeful our neighbors and community members will take advantage of stocking up prior to the July 4th holiday,” said Jason Morrill, board president of Massaro Community Farm in a press release. “We’re really grateful for Whole Foods Market’s support, and to all those who come out to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Whole Foods around the country each have three Five Percent Days a year where five percent of all purchases go to help a local organization that aligns with Whole Foods commitment to health and community impact.

The days can raise $2,500 or more for local organizations, according to a Massaro Community Farm press release.

Funds raised on Wednesday will go to expanding the Massaro Community farms certified organic growing operation, which helps provide nutrient-rich foods for hunger relief organizations.

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Milford police arrests include domestic incident

Milford police department arrests someone Monday on a domestic incident.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Does Connecticut Need a Uniform Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for Firefighters?

What do you think about the issue of random testing in Connecticut fire departments? Should the state have a uniform policy for all departments? Comment below or on the main article. 

Fire departments across Connecticut have very different dynamics in terms of the department makeup. For example, Ansonia has about 300 active volunteer firefighters and no career firefighters. Milford has all career firefighters and some departments like Branford and Wallingford have both. Applying a uniform statewide policy on random testing would be difficult.

Milford Fire Commissioner John Healey said that comparing volunteer and career fire departments is like comparing apples to oranges. 

For example, lets say the state decided to model a testing strategy around New Haven's policy, which mandates that at least half of all the department's members in safety-sensitive positions have to be tested. That could potentially amount to about 150 annual tests for Ansonia's department. 

Every fire chief I spoke to thought a random testing policy had many more benefits than drawbacks. Wallingford Fire Chief Peter Struble said one of the main concerns is typically over the implementation of the policy. Branford Fire Chief Jack Ahern also said that implementation was the main concern when the issue came up years ago.

The issue of why CDL regulations don't apply to certain groups is another issue in itself. Struble said that it depends who you ask and that he's heard everything from military and volunteer firefighter lobbying to lobbying from career firefighter organizations.

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Horeshoe crabs and terrapins in Milford

MILFORD--About 20 people of all ages helped Educational Outreach Coordinator Adam Rudman, of Sacred Heart University's Project Limulus, tag and measure about 10 horseshoe crabs Saturday morning at Milford Point.

They also got to see a mature diamondback terrapin, said Rudman, an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart. The project began in 1997 and about 60,000 of the prehistoric animals have been tagged.

First-year participant Bob Jones of Milford said, "I'll be  back next years."

Bob Jones of Milford shows a horseshoe crab

Adam Rudman tags a horseshoe crab.

A diamondback terrapin is held by a Limulus Project participant.

A diamondback terrapin sticks its head out of its shell Saturday at Milford Point.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Berman of Milford

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Milford police arrests include intoxicated man accused of threatening police

Milford police arrests include an intoxicated man allegedly threatening police officers with a paint scraper.

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Firefighters from Milford, New Haven, W. Haven, Wallingford talk drug/alc testing

Some Milford fire commissioners are pushing for a random drug and alcohol testing policy for the city's firefighters. Fire chiefs from New Haven, West Haven, Wallingford, Ansonia and Branford talk about their departments policies and what they think about them (most are in favor). Read more on the main site.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Preview of upcoming stories

Fire departments warm up to random drug and alcohol testing.

Recently, Milford fire commissioners said that the city and union should put a random drug and alcohol testing policy into the collective bargaining contract.

Fire chiefs from West Haven, New Haven, Branford, Ansonia and Wallingford share their departments' drug and alcohol policies, which vary.

Lois Richards gets re-hired.

Lois Richards, an 82-year-old paraprofessional at Orange Avenue Elementary School has been re-contracted for the upcoming school year. Richard's previously claimed that she was being forced out of the system.

Her lawyer, Hugh Keefe, previously said he suspected she was being forced out because of her age. 

Neighbors oppose Robert's Service Center proposed zoning regulation amendment

Owners of Robert's Service Center proposed a very specific zoning regulation change that may qualify as spot zoning, according to the city attorney's office. The change would allow the service center to potentially expand their business. 

Former city attorney Win Smith was hired by a neighbor to fight the amendment. 


We are working on a comprehensive story about Milford's anti-blight ordinance, which was passed in 2009. Several properties are accruing daily fines under the ordinance.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Ode to Dee's Deli of Milford

The saying is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The same applies to the old New Haven Register Milford bureau on New Haven Avenue. 

The bureau, which I began in on Nov. 2000, closed in February 2008. When the 15 of us moved into the cozy confines of the Register’s main building in New Haven we left behind a lot of memories. 
The bureau was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds, but the one thing that united us was lunch. At least three times a week we’d go to Dee’s Deli, which was literally next door to us

I was in love with their chicken cutlet wrap. Back then I shelled out $8 for a monstrosity of a wrap, but it was so good. Yes, I’d get the same thing daily. Why switch when it’s perfect. 

My friend Phil Helsel, who is now the online producer at the New York Post, would buy lunch with us once a week. It was always Dee’s famous Reuben. It was so famous because there was so much meat and butter piled high that just a few bites in, the bread would evaporate and you were left holding the meat instead of the bread. It may sound sick, but it was Heaven. Jim Tinley blogged about Dee's Reuben.

The legend of Dee’s spawned the very short lived but popularMeat blog, which extolled the virtues of eating meat. Honestly, we also did it as a joke because our big boss, Helen Bennett Harvey started a blog called Vegging Out. It was all in fun. 

It’s pretty clear we were a very tight nit group even as the characters constantly changed in the Milford bureau. We always took time to eat together, which kept us close, and most importantly kept the work environment fun. Again some things we can’t talk about! 

As the years went by media company’s made cut backs and we closed the Milford office and moved into New Haven. It was very difficult for me. 

On our last day in Milford, ironically Valentine’s Day Feb. 14, 2008, the remaining 15 people left in the office decided to partake in a Reuben pact. 

I remember calling in the order to Dee’s. I think it was like 15 Reuben’s and sweet potato fries. It was unreal. Everyone gathered in the lunchroom around a small table with old couches and ate the Reuben’s.
It was a sight to behold to see Gabriella eat a whole Dee’s Reuben. I think that day helped convert her to becoming a vegetarian. 

That was a tough day as we moved our computers to New Haven, and Dee’s and her friendly staff helped make it a little better even though we may have been taking years off our lives. 

And I will never forget Dee, and how when she learned we were leaving Milford she made dozens of cookies for the office as a way of saying thank you for all of the years of patronage. 

In reality it’s me who wants to thank Dee not only for the delicious food, but the fact it helped bring everyone in the bureau closer together.

Thank you Dee’s Deli,

Brian McCready
New Haven Register
Metro Editor

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Jonathan Law High School graduation video

New Haven Register Milford reporter Rich Scinto spent four hours in the office late into the evening to produce a high quality Jonathan Law High School video package. So if you care about Law and its graduation please click on the video and see Rich's hard work in action.

Here is the link to the Law graduation story and video that Rich worked so hard to produce.

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Your Milford news one liners

All of the Milford news of the day in one neat and tidy place.

Can the local GOP finally send someone to Hartford?

Where can I get a pastrami Reuben in Milford now? Though I did drop some serious weight after I stopped eating there.

Milford police really don't want teens to purchase alcohol.

Hopefully the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Miami Heat tonight, and Milford residents also beat the heat.

The Milford police arrest log for today.

This sounds like a fun peaceful place to walk in Milford.

Anyone have a quarter million dollars I can borrow?

Whose going swimming today in Milford?

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Milford police arrests include a theft of jewelry

Milford police arrests include a larceny as someone allegedly stole jewelry, a violation of probation, and an illegal use of credit cards.


How are you beating the heat in Milford and the Valley?

Foran High School in Milford will have free public swimming today from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. How do you plan to beat the heat? Search our interactive map below and post your ideas to the map such as places that have open pools or other fun ways to stay cool in the hot weather. Or, feel free to email me at with your ideas.

View Beating the Heat in Milford and the Valley in a larger map

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Joseph A. Foran student athletes honored for academics

Two Joseph A. Foran High School of Milford students named the scholar athlete in May.

Foran’s Jaime Kader and Shawn Cariglio were among the 13 students from seven high schools to be named The SportsCenter of Connecticut/Southern Connecticut Conference Scholar Athletes of the month for May — the ninth and final month of the academic year.

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Milford opens Foran pool to the public for free

MILFORD — In response to a Health Advisory for Extreme Heat, issued by the Milford Health Department, the Milford Recreation Department will offer public swimming at the Foran High School Pool.

On Thursday, June 21, the pool will be open at no charge to Milford residents from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be lifeguards on duty. Non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.

Participants should use the Natatorium Entrance located to the left of the old Main Entrance.

The Recreation Department would also like to remind all residents to follow these safety tips when it comes to the heat:
• Wear appropriate light colored/loose fitting clothing;

• Drink plenty of fluids — do not wait until you are thirsty to drink;

• Wear a wide brimmed hat and apply sunscreen;

• Take frequent rests and take refuge in shaded areas.

For more information regarding the public swim, contact the Milford Recreation Department at 203-783-3280.

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Milford police arrests include shoplifters

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cascade Boulevard Removed from Planning and Zoning Board Agenda

Mark Bender, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board, informed the public at the meeting that Cascade Boulevard was pulled from the agenda.

The city's health department deferred to the Department of Energy and Environment Protection to analyze a study performed on behalf of Garden Homes Management, the company that is proposing the development.

The board left public comment open at the last meeting for concerns related to previous mercury contamination near the proposed housing complex.

Milford police arrests drivers for hitting utility pole and parked cars

Milford police arrests include a couple of people allegedly driving their cars into utility poles and hitting parked cars, and a couple of drug arrests.

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Milford mayor announces energy savings

In Mayor Ben Blake's state of the city address he touted energy savings including turning off lights in the Parsons Government Center and turning down the thermostat. Well he also spoke about not having ball fields lit when its raining or when not in use, and to that end the mayor announced the following.

MILFORD-- Mayor Benjamin G. Blake announced that Milford has purchased and installed a lighting control system to monitor and manage the recreational lighting at Washington Field.  No longer will you see empty softball fields lit-up during a rainstorm,” Blake said. 

The reliable, cost-effective system helps control, monitor and manage recreational field lighting.  The system provides flexible control and reliable operation, and it monitors system performance reducing maintenance costs.  But the most unique feature is that the system can be controlled remotely by computer or phone which allows the lights to be operated on more efficient basis resulting in savings.

According to Director of Recreation, Paul Piscitelli “this system will give us the ability to turn the lights off early, when inclement weather cancels games during the course of the night, eliminating those instances when the lights are on and no games are being played.”

The system, which was purchased with funds from the Federal Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant, and at no cost to taxpayers, will result in annual electricity savings of approximately $1,650.  In addition to the energy reductions, the ability to control the field’s lighting schedules from the internet, email, phone, or fax, will reduce staff costs for the City. 

Milford plans to expand this program to better control all of our outdoor Recreational lighting including the lights at Fowler Field and Eisenhower tennis courts. 

A demonstration of this technology will be held at Washington Field on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.  All are invited to attend.

This information was submitted via a press release from Blake's office. 

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