Milford's Unsolved Murders

After the June 11 arrest of Luis A. Rodriguez for the 2001 murder of Walnut Beach resident Kelsey Monahon, I got curious about other long-term unsolved homicides in Milford.

So, I began digging through the New Haven Register's archives; I looked at all the murders in Milford that we have on record (dating back to the 1940s) and I came up with a list of 9* unfortunate souls whose murders are unsolved.

Here are all the ones I could find in chronological order:

-Peter Spinelli (1996)
-Unidentified male remains (1994)
-Unidentified male remains (1992)
-Anna E. Hiltz (1983)**
-Constance Roberts (1982) 
-Blasé Miserendino (1978)
-Gary Steadman (1977)
-Kenneth Matteson (1975)
-Charles McCoy (1968)

Sometimes, homicides take a long, long time to solve. And sometimes, after a while, people come out of the woodwork with some scrap of evidence or memory that helps close a decades-old crime. I'm still working on the story, but I wanted to reach out to the Milford community and see if anyone out there knows anything about any of these murders or has a personal memory that they'd like to share. I want to talk to you if you remember or know any of the people on that list above. 

Contact me at (203) 789-5696, or email 

*5-year-old Constance Roberts was found raped and beaten in a swamp behind a school in Milford in 1982. Police believed a man named Daniel Stuart did it. He was tried and convicted, but due to new evidence, Stuart was retried and found innocent in 1987. Stuart moved away from Milford to Florida, and died there in a car crash in 1989 - no one else has ever been arrested in Roberts' killing. I put Roberts on this list because, unless police tell me otherwise, the case still appears open. 

** The only mention of Hiltz I found was in a Dec. 30, 1983 describing that the 75-year-old was found in a driveway at 100 Viscount drive with "multiple wounds to her body." I could not locate another story about Hiltz, which leads me to believe that it ended up not being a homicide - but I'm checking with Milford police to be sure. 


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