Questions abound concerning Milford's Recycling Inc.

The New Haven Register published an article Monday about two individuals including a convicted felon claiming ownership of the Milford property where Recycling Inc. hopes to get its project approved.

The facility at 990 Naugatuck Avenue has for years been a source of frustration for residential property owners, who reside in the midst of the recycling facility. Residents are worried about noise, truck traffic, and of course declining property values.

In February the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection gave a tentative approval for the owner to greatly expand it's permit. City officials and residents were furious, and are trying to do whatever they can to stop the state from giving final approval.

And now here comes the lawsuit last week with the two would-be-owners of Recycling Inc. pointing fingers at one another. Gus Curcio Sr., a convicted felon, who served 11 years in federal prison for loansharking, admits in legal papers that he tried to conceal he was the real owner because of his criminal past.

Of course the city immediately sought to have the DEEP dismiss the case. As someone who has been covering this issue since 2007 I have to think the city has a very very good chance of prevailing.

I really can't envision the DEEP approving the expanded permit in light of the latest machinations. How could the city prepare it's legal case against Recycling Inc. when it doesn't know who the true owner is? It seems no one really knows who owns the site!

It's also a little baffling the DEEP didn't unearth this ownership debacle awhile ago as part of the regulatory review process. This does somewhat call into question how extensively the DEEP screens the applicant.

If I were a resident living along 990 Naugatuck Avenue I would be beyond angry. 

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Brian McCready
Metro Editor
Twitter @nhrbmccready


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