What if the Milford Green was Occupied?

This week on a late shift I covered the Occupy New Haven movement. Essentially, about 35 people remain living on the New Haven Green. The numbers have been declining for some time.

A bulk of the protesters are homeless, and don’t want to leave, while organizers are ready to move onto their next protest vehicle.

When I went down there Wednesday, there were a number of cardboard signs, and tents that littered the Green. It actually wasn’t that dirty, and the people were nice, and eager to see the media.

With that said I pondered what would happen if the same thing happened on the Milford Green. For months New Haven Mayor John DeStefano has been patient with the protesters, but as the warmer weather arrives, it’s clear he wants them off the Green.

Legal decisions have allowed the protesters to remain for now. If the same thing happened in Milford, my guess is the city would do whatever it could to reclaim the Green as soon as possible.

I doubt Milford officials would have allowed the protesters to camp out on its Green for six months. It’s just a guess.

But what do you think of the Occupy New Haven situation? Do you agree with me concerning my belief that Milford officials would handle it much different.

I’d love to hear what you think? Post your comments here or on Facebook, or send me an email at bmccready@nhregister.com

Have a great weekend, and if you have time, and the weather is supposed to be amazing, try and check out one of the Daniel Wasson remembrances this weekend.

Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief


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