My Personal Struggle with Fruits and Vegetables

Next year the from a school cafeteria take a vegetable or a fruit. Even if they will simply toss it in the trash. The idea is to combat childhood obesity.

I totally understand why some would view this as another government intrusion. However, in my case growing up it may have helped me. I was hopefully one of a small group of students who forsake all veggies and fruits as a kid, and then as a young adult.

I wasn't required to eat them at home so I didn't. Having a salad was the nasty romaine lettuce on a Big Mac! And of course a diet Coke!

It's unfortunate that I didn't learn proper eating at home, and yes I was as the doctor's would say very big boned as a child and a teen. So big boned I could have been a dinosaur.

It's ok I can laugh about it now. But the truth is I didn't start eating fruits and veggies until I was 30. That's way too long.

If the government required me to take them as a kid, maybe I would have learned healthier eating quickly. Who knows?

We'll see how the new law does, and my hope is it will change kids who are like me, who don't know how to eat healthy. I hope at the end of the day we don't see a ton of veggies and fruits in the garbage cans at school.

Tell me what you think?

Brian McCready
New Haven Register
Milford Bureau Chief
Twitter @nhrbmccready


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