A Milford Pastor's Concerns

Milford Christian Church Pastor James Loomer asked the Milford Board of Education during a public comment portion of their meeting to stop the national "Day of Silence" Program from occurring this year. The program promotes tolerance of all students, and participating students take a vow of silence for the day.

I wrote about it today, but wanted to add a few things. Loomer in his comments to the school board were a little cryptic. He alluded to reading materials that the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network sponsors. He would only say the materials passed out to students were inappropriate.

So when Loomer sat down I asked him to elaborate, but he told me to call him Tuesday.

Then School Board Chairwoman Tracy Casey said that the program would go on due to first amendment rights.

Loomer left the meeting, and I followed him outside. He was reluctant to speak saying he really didn't want to draw attention to the issue. I explained that he aired his concerns in public, and I planned to write about it.

I told him I was just trying to get more of an explanation as to what were his concerns. In talking with Loomer for about 10 minutes he stressed over and over again that he has no issue with any program that promotes tolerance.

He said it's truly an issue about the type of literature GLSEN advocates for students to read. He declined to go into specifics except to say the materials promoted promiscuity.

I did an internet search yesterday and I saw a series of articles written by Mission:Accomplished, a self-described Christian family's group, and they did cite some specifics.

I am curious as to what do you think about this? Does the pastor have real concerns? Or do you think his motive is something else?

Do you think the program should be scrapped or did the school board make the appropriate decision?

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