Milford theater site sold; what do you think should go there?

Milford reporter Rich Scinto needs your help for a story he is working on today. At an Economic Development Commission meeting this morning it was revealed that the former Milford Showcase Cinemas site sold for more than $5 million. But the $5 million question concerns what will be going there.

As Milford residents what do you think should occupy the former theater site on Cherry Street? Post your comments here or email Rich at

Here is what we have thus far.

MILFORD—The vacant National Amusements Theater on Cherry Street has sold to Cerruzzi Properties LLC.
The property was sold on June 12 for $5.8 million. It had been vacant for six years after National Amusements moved its location inside the Connecticut Post Mall.
 Cerruzzi Properties has a good history of developing properties in Milford, said Robert Burr Gregory, director of economic and community development for Milford.
“We do not expect that property to remain empty or vacant for long,” he said.
Gregory called the location a “key site” in Milford because of its large size and close proximity to the highway.
“Exit 39 [A and B] is the big clover leaf,” he said.
There are multiple possibilities for the site and many different options have been discussed over the years including a strip mall, food businesses and apartment buildings.
The site was one of the few of its size in Milford that was up for sale, Gregory said. There is also a large property on Old Gate Lane that is for sale.
The site was the largest one for sale that was in close proximity to the Post Road, Gregory said. 
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  1. How about a Dave and Busters?

  2. Make a huge bar/night club!!!!!!!!!

  3. A skating rink for the kids. There are no place locally for th kids to have fun.


  5. A Trailer Park.

  6. a great big mosque for all of our moslem brothers and sisters.

  7. I'd like to see mixed-use development. There is enough empty retail space downtown already.

    The best development would integrate some new forward-thinking transit ideas. There should be a shuttle that runs from downtown through cherry st to the cinemas site to the mall and back. Every 20 minutes. The J bus is often only on the hour and is very roundabout. That way, there would be value on that site for retail as well as commuter/residential-- quick access to both the train and the highway. A downtown directly connected to the mall via quick transit would also be more vibrant, increasing shopping and residential property value.

    Is there federal or state funding to follow this kind of greener option for development of the site? I also imagine opening up some greenspace there by concentrating the parking in a small partly underground parking garage on the north side of that property (so it casts a shadow only on the Post Road...)

    A shuttle (maybe even an electrified bus/trolley) system that connects the whole axis of Mall/Cherry St/Downtown/Gulf Beach would really tie together the town and enable some long-term organic economic growth.

    (Now that there is a pedestrian underpass under the railroad at Gulf St. and a pedestrian bridge on E Town road by Sears, one can envision a Downtown-To-Mall bike lane, too-- a boardwalk out from Wampus Ln. over Indian River to Old Gate Ln. that would make possible bicycle and pedestrian access to the Mall, the Wal-Mart/ Barnes & Noble development, and Lowe's. With only 600 feet of boardwalk to construct, it would create flat, low traffic bicycle access to every shopping need from residences downtown. A truly green city.)

    Calming motor traffic and increasing foot traffic and transit can be a way to revitalize a downtown if it's done right. Retail property owners always want motor access and parking, but a town bustling with people is much better than one roaring with cars.

    Mixed use development might not seem to create as much of a short term tax base boost, but I think that it is a hedge against changing occupancy and varying economic times. I think connecting it with downtown would boost retail property occupancy on Broad St., something essential to Milford's livability.

    Best of luck to Cerruzzi Properties and the city as they work out the development of this property and its integration into the fabric of the City of Milford.

  8. I am not a Milford citizen but if I were my answer would be; who cares what goes there. I think the best suggestions herein are without a doubt Stew Leonards!!! The dummies in Orange busted their butts for many years to keep his store away and his store is so cool. It's probably the most desirable supermarket around anywhere. What a pleasant change it would be to have that choice besides Stop and shop and Shop Rite.

  9. Stew Leonards is a perfect fit for that footprint. Stew's would be a win/win for the town. Let's see if the S&S lobby gets Clem from Orange to start protesting about the traffic....

  10. What about a Sonics?

  11. Hey how about Cabela's?

  12. Standalone had the best comment but the thinking is too forward for this state.


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