Milford's Brush Fire

On my way to a Milford Board of Education meeting last night I saw plumes of gray smoke when I was on I-95 in Stratford. I was like uh-oh! So I kept driving, and the smoke became more intense.

I got off Exit 35 and traffic just stopped. I saw about 50 residents just staring by the train tracks on Schoolhouse Road. Cars were just pulled over, and people were taking pictures on their phones.

I did the same thing. I saw police beginning to block off traffic from the area. What I witnessed was pretty intense. There were several brush fires going along near the train tracks, and the sky was so gray.

The smell of smoke was so intense. But was even more amazing was the teamwork and excellent work of the Milford fire and police departments.

Officers worked to not only restrict travel through the hazardous area, but officers took time to explain to residents what was going on. That was nice to see.

And the fire department did a great job of controlling the blaze, and a fire captain said there were several "close calls," but firefighters were able to keep the blaze from destroying homes and businesses nearby.

All around an excellent job by everyone. When I did make my way to the school board meeting I was still amazed by how strong was the smell of smoke and how dark the sky appeared.

What did you think of the brush fire yesterday? Did you stop to look?


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