New Haven Register's new Milford Facebook page

The New Haven Register is launching a new page on Facebook to better engage with our suburban audience in the communities of Milford, the Valley and Amity.

Since this page is designed so we can interact with you on a variety of issues we thought it would be fun to have readers send in pictures to serve as the background for our Facebook page.

We’re looking for pictures that best symbolize the beauty or highlight the uniqueness of Milford, the Valley, and Amity.

If you’re interested please post/share the pictures on my Facebook profile: and/or email them to

I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures on Facebook of all three communities, and it would be great for us to showcase your talents. We will write a blog post crediting the photographer for their artistic talents on all photos we use.


Brian McCready
Metro Editor overseeing coverage of Milford, the Valley, and Amity
Twitter @nhrbmccready
Twitter @nhrvalley
Twitter @nhrbalbert
Twitter @ pswebilius


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