Milford's Superintendent's First Year

It was about one year ago new Milford Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Feser began her first day on the job.

I remember interviewing her with a few other Milford media members in her office. Initially, I thought she was a little reserved and cautious with the media, but I didn't think too much about it.

As time went by I was amazed that her first big move was to hire former Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. to become the school system's operations director. I thought it was unusual because I envisioned she'd want to keep a low profile especially after past issues with superintendents.

It was clearly a bold move on her part. Clearly, there would be criticism from some. And there was plenty. I was thoroughly impressed by how she handled herself during that time.

Anytime I called her on it, she took the phone call, which for a journalist is huge. She answered all of the questions, and never got rude or curt like some people do when there is a touchy subject.

After a couple of weeks the issue died down, and since then there has been almost nothing negative going on from a schools' standpoint. Yes, the test scores are still a major work in progress, but from everyone I speak with it appears things are running smoothly in the school system.

And after a few years of major difficulty it's nice for Milford parents and residents to have some tranquility in the school system.

Tonight Dr. Feser will share with the Board of Education her thoughts on her first year. I will be at the 7 p.m. meeting, which is held at the Parsons Center.

I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say, and will be posting a story later tonight to

What grade would you give Dr. Feser in her first year on the job? Please share your comments here or email me at

Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief
Twitter @nhrbmccready


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