Update on East Shore MS bid situation

The Department of Administrative Services commissioner has notified all school districts about the regulation to post open bids to the CT Contracting Portal website. 

Milford is still awaiting the DAS decision regarding their bid process for the school, said Chief Operations Officer James Richetelli Jr. The building committee for the school tabled the decision at their last meeting. 

Going through with the bid as is could result in the project not receiving state reimbursement, which is expected to be about $6 million. 


  1. $6 million is about one mill added to our taxes.

  2. The East Shore Middle School revitalization project is an absolute joke and has turned the City of Milford into the laughing stock in our region. We can't complete a 20 million dollar project that has been in the works for over 8 years, where other towns, build brand new schools for much more money, in much less time. This is what happens when partisan politics, a clueless bid process and all chiefs and no indians get in the mix. This project is not to profess our political agendas about who is more fiscally responsible, but for the improved school resources to help our children learn in the best atmosphere possible. Just remember, this is the same bid process that has a firehouse, 9 months overdue for completion at a cost of more than 4 million dollars and the company that has done the work on the firehouse will probably be able to bid on the East Shore project. Hold on to your wallets!

  3. No one really knows the causes of the delays for the East Side Fire Station. Could be a result of additional work or maybe lack of performance on behalf ot the Architect. To single out the Contractor without the facts is without merit. This is a very reputable company that been in existence for over 30 years and has performed other multi-million contracts of similiar construction. I understand that the project is of high quality and under budget. What else can an Owner ask of a Contractor if they are not the sole cause of the delays.

  4. I beleive the worse component about the East Shore project is the plans are bad, as they stood a few months ago it will turn Seabreeze Ave into a complete mess.

  5. Where does the buck stop?


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