Officials say no known mold at JFK Elementary

We received concerned emails about possible mold in the JFK Elementary School ventilation system. Pat Bradbury, Director of Facilities said:

“There is no known mold problem at JFK, in the ventilation system or anywhere else in the school. Regular and preventative maintenance takes place constantly throughout the year, in JFK and in every school building.  Inspections and tests are conducted by independent environmental specialists when needed. We will continue to do due diligence in making sure our buildings are clean and safe.”

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  1. This is an absolute LIE. JFK has had an ongoing mold problem for 12 years. Many good teachers have transferred or quit because of health problems. Somebody needs to notify the Dept. of Public Health regarding this issue.

  2. forget the "officials" rich - ask any of the faculty - they'll tell it like it is

  3. Is this true? I never heard anything about this before. I have to start asking around

  4. Mold testing is always advantageous. This helps secure the area from such organisms and will help the people feel secured and safe. We should be thankful for companies that offer mold testing and mold cleanup.

  5. Thank you for your comments everyone. If you'd like to talk more about this topic give me a call (203)789-5748 or email


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