Are roads in Milford pedestrian-friendly?

I found this comment on the article about the Vo-Ag busing situation interesting. Do you think that a lot of roads in Milford aren't pedestrian-friendly? 
From 30Guest:
Someone previously observed this road and many other Milford roads are not designed for use by pedestrians or bicyclists. It is shameful Milford’s public roads are dangerous for use by pedestrians, bicyclists and those in wheel chairs. Even U.S. Route 1 often has no walkways or even shoulders for large stretches. This is a significant problem with the State especially that goes fully ignored. The picture shows a single lane road, with no shoulder, and no passing allowed. 

Until changes are made, my understanding is that pedestrians enjoy the same rights as cars and trucks to use public roads. If the road is one lane, pedestrians should take their right to the full lane, even if that requires cars travel behind the pedestrian for miles. Until Milford’s planning and engineering make roads usable for all, pedestrians will simply have to follow the same rules as motor vehicles which means traffic comes to a virtual halt when a pedestrian is exercising their right to the full lane in a no passing zone.
Clearly, the Mayor and Alderman need to address Milford’s deficient public road problems inherited from past administrations. 


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