Smith responds to questions about anti-Obama billboard

DeForest Smith has responded to questions regarding his billboard near USA Fuel on the Milford Republicans website. The original article about the billboard has more background on the situation.

An excerpt from his letter reads:

My concern is for my 8 grandchildren. At the rate Obama Is increasing the national debt, by the time they are adults the national debt will be overwhelming.

It is important that the voting public focuses on what Obama is doing, not what he is promising – e.g.

He promised to cut the deficit in half. He has more than doubled it to more than one trillion dollars in each of his 4 years as president.

His policies have caused the United States’ credit rating to fall for the first time in history.


  1. Smith is a Republican hack who relies on specious-and false- logic to make his "points".

  2. Did make a phony war with Iraq that nearly bankrupted the nation? Did he make the stock market go down like his predecessor did. Did he cause the real estate market to tank? No.

  3. What has adding 50% to our debt in 4 years done? You know, that $5 trillion? What did it buy? Someone remind me. An unemployment rate that hasn't gone below 8% since Obama's first month on the job? Those markedly higher food prices? The doubling of the price of gas? Record poverty levels? Record food stamp use? Doctors retiring in record numbers rather than face the dim prospects of "free health care"? Taxpayers on the hook for huge losses from the auto bailouts? "Resets" with the Arabs and the Russians that have been rewarded with violence and contempt? Israel repeatedly insulted and undermined? Iran emboldened and more dangerous? Someone remind me - what did this administration buy for us?

  4. Mr. Smith has the right to free speech. If he can find a billboard company willing to take his money in return for posting his message why should he have to explain anything to anyone?

  5. It is unfortunate that Smith has chosen to use his "freedom of speech" in such a foolish and unartful way. "Speech" is definitely money here. The service station owner is truly the victim of the fact that Smith owns a sign situated so close the property line. What a terrible neighbor. What a boorish thing to do.

  6. Frosty Smith is right. President Obama like a socialist live the high life, but expect you to spread the wealth for his welfare followers.

  7. He owns the billboard and has a right to publically proclaim his opinion no mate what anyone thinks. I happen to agree with him, but free speech is free speech. To Anonymous - yes he did. Pay attention instead of just being a mouthpiece for the Democrats. Just when do we start to blame Obama for the mess that the country is in?

  8. The title of this article is insulting to all who value the Constitutional....Mr. Smith should never have to explain, justify, or be made to answer for using his First Ammendment Right. Expressing your views about the government is the cornerstone of free speech.


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