Jury selection begins in case of ex-Milford cop charged with manslaughter

Tuesday is the day. Three and a half years after a tragic car accident involving a then city police Officer Jason Anderson, and a carcarrying two Orange teens, Ashlie Krakowski and David Servin, both 19, jury selection commences.

Anderson, who was terminated from his job, was charged with two counts of first-degree manslaughter in the deaths of both Servin and Krakowski.

It is expected that jury selection will take two weeks, and then the trial will begin.

We will be covering day one of jury selection. Reporter Phyllis Swebilius will provide updates throughout the day, which can be found at www.nhregister.com and if you’re on Twitter through @nhrmilford.

What is known about what happened in the early morning hours of June 13, 2009 in Orange is that Anderson, who was not responding to an emergency call, was traveling 95 mph at the point of impact as the teens made a left hand turn.

The teens were both intoxicated at the time of the accident. The Servin estate in March accepted a $2.5 million civil settlement from Milford. It’s expected the Krakowski estate will receive a larger settlement because she was not the driver. The city’s insurance carrier will pay both settlements.

At the time of the accident Anderson and Officer Richard Pisani were returning to Milford from a West Haven mutual aid call.


  1. Jason Anderson is a thug without remorse according to people that know him on the streets.

  2. This ex cop while horsing around kills two kids and now has the nerve to want to go free. Those two teens are dead and the parents are in pain every day. Let's have some justice. Put this killer away for 12 to 15 years with no early out!!!!!!


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