My thoughts on the Milford fireworks show

I went to the Westfield Connecticut Post mall fireworks held in Milford Tuesday night and the place was just packed. Westfield does a great job putting on an entertaining show.

I watched them from the parking lot, and it was unreal to see all the cars and people sitting on their cars enjoying the show. After it was over there was just pure gridlock. 

Me and my wife decided to head inside to wait out the traffic. Tons of people had the same idea too. 
With Black Bear closing, the line for Buffalo Wild Wings was insane, and Red Robin's doors were closed shut. Additionally, all the businesses were closed and people were just walking around but there was nowhere to go except the movie theater, which probably did great business Tuesday night.

 It seemed a little odd that with all of the people inside the mall around 10 p.m. that some businesses didn't remain open a bit later. It could have been a win win for the mall and its patrons.  This is in no way criticizing Westfield at all, and in reality that need to receive a tremendous amount of praise because for the past five years they have hosted Milford's fireworks ceremony at no cost to the taxpayers. 

That is an amazing gesture on the part of Westfield. Their fireworks display is pretty long and definitely entertaining.


  1. I am thinking that it was prudent to close prior to the fireworks show as a matter of safety.


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