A truly dark knight

We all know about the unspeakable tragedy that occurred early this morning in Colorado. A man shot and killed 12 people who were waiting to watch The Dark Knight Rises.

Tens of millions of people were eagerly anticipating the sequel to The Dark Knight, and poured into movie theaters at midnight all across the country.

I saw the first movie four times in the theater because of Heath Ledger's amazing portrayal of the Joker. 

I have been very excited to see this movie, but honestly, after today's tragedy it makes me think twice about going. I will still see the movie, but when I am inside the theater I will no doubt think about and reflect on the tragedy in Colorado. I will also feel a bit cautious as well.

Will today's mass shootings affect whether you will see the movie? Has it made your desire to see the movie less. Of course it has for me.

Please share your comments here as we may use them for a story.

Brian McCready
Metro Editor


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