Former New York Ranger receives approval to open Milford buisness

If you have any old photos of the Harrison's building please email them to We are trying to put together a photo slideshow of the building's history.

The Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve the site plan review for the building for Colony Grill.

The crowd that filled the city hall meeting room cheered immediately after the plan had passed and celebrated during the middle of the meeting for a few minutes.

The project still needs to obtain building permits before construction begins. Owners hope to begin construction in the fall and hope to finish by early 2013, said Paul Coniglio, co-owner of Colony Grill Development.


  1. Good luck wit the building department. Known throughout the state as one of the worst. Just 3 years ago I waited 31 days for approval to build a simple garage/apartment addition that should have taken about 45 minutes to review. Hey it's not their money that's being wasted while your mother-in-law has to stay in a hotel so what do they care?

  2. DRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. i can finally wear my Drury 23 Ranger t shirt again there!! They better have the Ranger games on tv there insted of 50 tvs. of basketball. Looking forward to it opening!


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