Letter Asking Powerball Winners for Money

I received a letter in the office mail today requesting that I forward a letter to Noel and Fredda Peel, the recent winners of the Powerball Jackpot from Seymour.

I guess it's true what they say about lotto winners being targets for people in need of money. Contents of the letter from a woman claiming to be from New Haven are posted below unedited except for paragraph breaks.


Dear Noel+ Fredda,

How great it must feel to be such big winners. I read your story in the newspaper like millions of other people. Wishing it could happen to me. No, I don't want all this money. No really I dont I pray everyday morning+ night that God will help us through the difficult times.

It has been a struggle all our lives. We have been married 45 years We were married young me 16, husband, 18 and 3 beautifull kids- hardworking and 4 beautifull grandKids. In all our struggles through out our loves. My Kids have been there to help us... I pray everyday that if I could win to help them to make life a little easier for them.

[Here is the part where asking for money comes in to play.]

It would be like my prayers were answer. A wish is a dream and a dream is a wish- We need a CAR very bad my husband truck is falling apart too. My 1996 and his 1997 van is very old and we don't have money to buy new ones- No I don't want brand new ones- used ones- that are a little newer than our 1996+1997 vechicles- something that dont need work.

I like what you said in the newspaper- We are so thankfull this happen. We have an amazing family We dont need a million dollars to make it better. I wish you all good things for you+ your family- And I hope maybe some small fortune will come my way. So I can get my CAR+ help my kids- Helping is so very important to see people have a smile on their faces it worth a million dollars.


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