Milford Planning and Zoning Board Says Devon Not Excluded From Conservation Plan

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Members of the Planning and Zoning Board said at their Tuesday meeting that Devon wasn't being excluded from the process of updating the plan of conservation and development.

State Rep. Kim Rose (D-118) said at a press conference last week that she felt Devon was being excluded from the update process. The P&Z board hired Alan Plattus of the Yale Urban Design Workshop to consult on possible updates to the Cherry Street Corridor, Fowler Field, the shoreline area and Walnut Beach.

Board Chairman Mark Bender said that any Milford resident could comment or make suggestions to the board or the Planning and Zoning Commission. Information collected from public meetings led by Plattus will be presented at a July 17 public hearing.

The process of updating the plan of conservation and development will span almost a year. Although the goal is to have the update done by the end of the year, the board has the option to extend the process if they feel more information needs to be collected.

Members of the board discussed holding smaller public forums hosted by district board members, however, no official decision was made at the meeting. See what some members of the Walnut Beach area discussed at the special meeting last week.



  1. The plan is just that a plan. The P&Z can make all the suggestions they want but the true power to make changes resides with the Commissions that have the authority over those areas. Lots of talk, no power. Sounds like the EDC.

  2. ya kiddo....but Devon is not being excluded from this plan update, as well as the one we did 10 years ago.

  3. Thank you Mark, and back at ya... but, as you know, most people know there is a problem but aren't experts in planning. I understand that it's technically included however at an open forum with an expert in attendance, their questions can be addressed and a discussion can take place. Submitting comments is just not the same. In addition, there should be inclusion of the Naugatuck Ave. corridor which leads to Walnut Beach. I hear comments about Devon all the time which for those of us who live here is aggravating, to not have an expert weigh in with the residents and business owners is an exclusion of sorts in my mind, and theirs as well. Of ALL the areas in town, we need cohesive planning here to connect the areas as well as restrict design elements. As the Representative from Walnut Beach as well, I am extremely pleased that they were included.

  4. Keep fight'n Kim. Last time I was on the Board when we did the POCD the Devon area, Naugatuck corridor and Walnut Beach got lots of attention. I see no reason things would be different. I held many meetings all over the city at placed like Margaret Egan Ctr, and other locations. Usually had low turn out save for the regular community leaders. I am sure the PZB is actively looking for the communities voice to be reflected in this new Plan. But the people have to turn out ready to ask questions. Best of luck!


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