Milford police educate students on online safety

On Tuesday, October 16th, Detective Richard Frawley from the Milford Computer Crime Unit gave a powerful presentation to students at Lauralton Hall about staying safe in the digital age. His presentation, Social Networking and Digital Pitfalls, covered issues of critical importance to teens including: cyberbullying, sextortion, remote webcams and staying safe on Facebook.

Providing real life examples of how the internet impacts teens, Detective Fowley began his presentation by showing a video created by Amanda Todd, a bullied teen who was cyberstalked and later committed suicide. He also discussed the events that led to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, the student from Rutgers who was filmed by his roommate, and he told the story of a young woman whose dream of being an NFL cheerleader was shattered because of photos taken at a party. “I feel it is important to understand that footprints don’t go away.” Detective Frawley said. “Actions you take today remain forever.”

Lauralton Hall Dean of Student Development Jennifer Casceillo feels it is highly important to offer students programs that help increase awareness of safety precautions in today’s rapidly changing digital world.  “Life lessons don’t always fit neatly within class curriculum and we are fortunate to have members of our community like Detective Frawley who are willing to take time from their busy schedules to speak to our students on highly relevant topics.”

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