Milford forum scheduled to help seniors confront scams

State Senator Gayle S. Slossberg (D-Milford) will facilitate a scam awareness and crime prevention event at the Milford Senior Center tomorrow. Senator Slossberg will be joined by Officer Jeff Neilson from the Crime Prevention Services Unit of the Milford Police Department.

The Milford Senior Center is at 9 Jepson Drive, in Milford; tomorrow’s event is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Senator Slossberg said all Milford residents 55 years old and older are invited so they’ll be better prepared to guard against scams and other crimes. Members of the press are encouraged to cover this event as well and help get the message to seniors who cannot attend.

Officer Neilson will present a Power Point tutorial specific to scams and crimes targeted at senior citizens and Senator Slossberg will review recent laws enacted to deter price gouging and other unlawful practices.

WHO: State Senator Gayle S. Slossberg, Milford Police Officer Jeff Neilson, and Milford senior citizens.

WHAT:           A scam awareness and crime prevention presentation and workshop to help senior citizens prepare themselves and guard against becoming victimized. Tomorrow’s event is to include a Power Point presentation about new scams and crimes that target senior citizens.

WHEN:           Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

WHERE:         At the Milford Senior Center – 9 Jepsen Drive in Milford.

WHY: To help safeguard senior citizens and prevent them from becoming unwitting victims of those who would take advantage of them.


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