West Shore gets the hat trick

West Shore Middle School took first place at the 2013 Wynne Middle School Track Meet - the third year in a row the school has won.

West Shore scored 199 points to Harborside's 154, and East Shore's 142. Boys and girls in grades 6 to 8 competed in the 1 mile, the 100-meter run, the 400-meter run, the shot put, the long jump, and the 4 X 100 relay.

The meet was at Joseph A. Foran high school on June 12. The meet is held in honor of James Wynne, a former city phys ed department chair. The first Wynne meet happened 10 years ago.

In addition to West Shore's win, there were seven city track records broken:

1 mile 6th grade boys: Kevin Preneta/Harborside (5:45)
1 mile 8th grade girls: Tricia Gildea/West Shore (5:50)
400 meter 7th grade girls: Brianna Laggis/Harborside (1:05:29)
100 meter 6th grade girls: Samara Thacker/Harborside (:00.13.54)
100 meter 7th grade girls: Taylor Wisniewski/East Shore (:00.13.42)
100 meter 8th grade girls: Kiara Smith/Harborside (:00.13.15)
Shot put 8th grade girls: Zinnia Hall/East Shore (36 feet)

The winners, West Shore Middle School


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