Law/Foran Graduations June 20 & 21

Get our your checkbooks, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, because it's high school graduation season in Milford. But seriously, these kids worked hard and deserve a little financial stimulus for their efforts.

Tonight at 5 p.m., an expected class of 249 will graduate from Jonathan Law with speeches from the valedictorian and salutatorian, a couple of extremely accomplished young women who, frankly, make me feel embarrassed about how little I did in high school by comparison. 

Valedictorian: Anisha Manglani
-Yale Book Award recipient
-National Honor Society President
-Attending Quinnipiac University (marketing)
-Final GPA: 4.03

Salutatorian: Katherine Alling
-Dartmouth Book Award recipient
-National Honor Society member
-Attending UCONN on Presidential Scholarship (engineering)
-Final GPA: 4.0

Similarly over at J. Foran HS, are two extremely talented young women leading their class of 250. 

Valedictorian: Hamsa Ganapathi
-National Honor Society VP
-Liaison to Board of Education
-Attending UCONN (chemistry)
-Final GPA: 4.26 (!!!)

Salutatorian: Alexandra Corsi
-Yale Book Award recipient
-2013 Most Valuable Swimmer at Foran
-Attending Ohio University Scripps College of Communication
-Final GPA: 4.22

Again, both graduations are at 5 p.m. Plan on going if you want to get a preview at the future leaders of planet Earth. 


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