Milford Bulk Trash Schedule and Rules

Are you just burning to throw away a bunch of big pieces of garbage? OK good, because Milford just released its bulk waste pickup schedule. 

Look for your garbage day in the schedule below. The corresponding number is the date in September your bulk stuff can get hauled off. 

Monday - Sept. 4
Tuesday - Sept. 11
Thursday - Sept. 18
Friday - Sept. 25

The city does not want you to put out bulk items any earlier than the Saturday before your pickup day (but no later than 6 a.m. the day of). Bulk items tend to attract scrapers, who tend to cause a mess of bulk garbage piles. No one wants that. 

You can't bulk throw away batteries, "commercial items," logs and stumps, concrete or cement, any item requiring more than two men to pick up (highly subjective, no?), hazardous waste, liquids like motor oil, propane tanks, grass clippings, and sheetrock/demolition material. 

Bulk trash pickup is free for residents, but there are conditions. Take it away, press release FROM THE CITY:
"In order to qualify for this free pickup service, the homeowner must properly prepare and separate the bulky waste.  Metal must be separated from burnable items.  Yard waste should be placed in disposable containers or bags.  Brush and wood must be cut to four-foot lengths and tied in bundles.  No more than four passenger car tires may be included in the items set out for collection.  Where possible, similar items should be placed together in containers, which the homeowner wishes to discard.  All acceptable items placed at the curb will be taken, INCLUDING CONTAINERS."


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