Milford Police Participate in Operation Dry Water

On March 22, 1993, Cleveland Indians players Steve Olin, Tim Crews, and Bob Ojeda were on a nice boat ride on Little Lake Nellie in Winter Haven, Florida. Unfortunately, Ojeda was hammered, and drove the boat into a pier, killing Crews and Olin. Ojeda got nasty head injuries and sat out most of the 1993 season. He only pitched 43 inning that year, posting a 4.40 ERA.

Do you want to end up with a freaking 4.40 ERA and two dead teammates?

No, you don't. Drinking and boating - just like driving, biking, and sometimes walking - DO NOT mix. But in case you insist on drinking heavily while operating a two-ton, floating fiberglass death rocket, Milford police will be out to catch you.

Between June 28 and June 38, officers from the marine unit will patrol city waterways for boaters under the influence as part of Operating Dry Water (I would've called it Operation Fire Water, but no one asked me).

The allowable blood-alcohol content on the high seas is still .08. If you're over that, you'll go to jail, same as with a DUI (but it's called a BUI in this instance because of the word "boating").

Stow it, don't blow it, matey.


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