More thoughts on blight in Milford

Milford report Rich Scinto asked residents what do they think about blight in a blog post, and former Economic Development Commissioner Tessa Marquis shares her thoughts on blight. 

Tessa Marquis said...
Personally, I filed a complaint when the property formerly used as Gloria's Market fell into disrepair. With broken windows, damage from the elements, and weeds, it was a dangerous site as well as a visual blight in the community. The structure has now been torn down. I have no idea if fines were ever levied or collected.

I served on the Economic Development Commission when Commissioner Susan Patrick spearheaded this effort. There were miscellaneous ordinances which related to the issue, and Commissioner Patrick worked diligently to combine the language of the various ordinances.

This effort was rooted in a need for health and safety to be maintained in the city, since decayed properties tend to be dangerous magnets for kids, arson, and public health issues. This is particularly true with abandoned Commercial properties.

It is always important to make sure the ordinance is used properly, never as part of neighborhood disputes. The reason the Health Department is involved is as a protection for disadvantaged residents who may have other issues. Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to help out with a lawn mower.


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