Horeshoe crabs and terrapins in Milford

MILFORD--About 20 people of all ages helped Educational Outreach Coordinator Adam Rudman, of Sacred Heart University's Project Limulus, tag and measure about 10 horseshoe crabs Saturday morning at Milford Point.

They also got to see a mature diamondback terrapin, said Rudman, an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart. The project began in 1997 and about 60,000 of the prehistoric animals have been tagged.

First-year participant Bob Jones of Milford said, "I'll be  back next years."

Bob Jones of Milford shows a horseshoe crab

Adam Rudman tags a horseshoe crab.

A diamondback terrapin is held by a Limulus Project participant.

A diamondback terrapin sticks its head out of its shell Saturday at Milford Point.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Berman of Milford


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