My Milford Money Dillema

I've covered a couple of Milford superintendent scandals or controversies of sorts in my 12 years of covering the small city with a big heart. So I'm not afraid to get in the middle of things, but one thing I've always felt weird about is asking people how much money they make.

To me it's like asking a lady how old she is. And yes, I have to do that sometimes. It is horrible.

Today I wrote an article about the top salaried city and school employees, and it's the most read story on the website. I am not too surprised. People love to know where their tax dollars go.

But for those of us in the private sector, do we feel like we should reveal our salaries? I'm not going to reveal mine, and it's not because I'm secretive about it, I just don't want people to fall over from laughter. Actually, it's not that bad. I am fortunate to have a job I enjoy.

However, that brings me back to one of my original points, and that is, it's always tough for me to ask people what is their salary. I feel like it shouldn't be any of my business since I am not going to tell them what I earn, but I know it's public information.

I was curious what do you think about the issue of printing the top wage earners on the city and school side. Do you like to see it? Is it any of our business? Please comment here or email me at

Brian McCready


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