Future of Milford's Fowler Field and Cherry Street

Here is the latest news on Fowler Field, and what might happen to the former Milford Showcase Cinemas site. What would you like to see happen at Fowler Field and with Cherry Street?

The appearance of Fowler Field could be changing “slightly,” while there is the potential for Cherry Street to undergo a drastic face-lift, according to a consultant hired by the Planning and Zoning Board.
Director of Yale Urban Design Workshop Alan Plattus spoke to members of the PZB this week where he updated them on four areas they asked him to review. The four areas include Fowler Field, Cherry Street, Walnut Beach, and development of design guidelines for future shoreline development.
He said he is far along on plans for Fowler Field and Cherry Street, but still has a lot of work to do concerning Walnut Beach and guidelines for shoreline development.
Over the past few months there has been discussion about radical changes to Fowler Field including building shops and a small boutique hotel there, and relocating the existing ball fields.
Plattus admitted in an interview with the Register after the PZB meeting there are three options for Fowler Field. The options are no change, a slight change, and then a drastic change, which would include some form of development, Plattus said.
Plattus said based on vocal opposition to a “drastic change” to Fowler Field he believes “limited change” is the most likely option. He said he envisions reclaiming some of the asphalt there, by relocating commuter spaces at a downtown parking garage. Plattus said he’d like the parking lot at Fowler Field to become more “park-like” to house programs.
“A drastic change may not be practical or desirable,” Plattus said.


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