The Local News Conspiracy to Smear Zimmerman

Check out this comment that was posted on the story I wrote yesterday about retired Milford cop Joe Della Monica Jr. rescuing a driver from a burning car:
"Why is this Newspaper refusing to report on George Zimmerman helping rescue a family of 4 from a overturned SUV, 4 days after his acquittal? Are we back in Nazi Germany?"
Yes, here at the Register, just like the Third Reich, we ignore out-of-state news stories about acquitted gun killers who save people from cars in favor of stories about local non-killers who save people from cars. 

There's almost no difference. 

The comparison seems to be that, if we're writing about, you know, actual people who live in and around New Haven who save people from cars, then we should be writing about acquitted killers who do the same. 

This Zimmerman/hero story will be the next alleged liberal media cover up (except that the story was published by every major news outlet yesterday AND minor ones like us) on par with Benghazi and Solyndra. Can't wait for more insane Fox News people commenting about their local newspaper's complicity in this cover-up. 


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