Gas is More Expensive Here Than in Boston

Connecticut Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by

Is it me or is it insane that we pay more for gas in the New Haven area than do people in Boston - and basically on par with people in New York City.

I know - in general - there are a lot of reasons gas prices spike: demand, commodities speculation, disruptions in the supply chain, war, etc. But why does it vary so heavily region to region? You would think that, being along a major interstate route, we in the Milford area would get a break on gas prices, but we don't.

No, we pay the most of any state in New England, and so our gas prices are on par with places like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and the extreme rural Pacific Northwest.

Can anyone out there tell me why gas is so expensive here? Is it simply because we have higher gas taxes? (And if that's the reason, can someone explain why we have such high gas taxes?)


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