Milford Flu Update

Went to the Milford Health Department meeting last night, came back with some flu.

Numbers, that is. Seasonal flu* is still classified as "widespread" in Connecticut, but infections are decreasing. Flu hit much earlier this year than in years past, so the usual February/March peak is out the window. And that's kind of a good thing; we got it over with early this year. We've had 4,399 lab-confirmed cases in Connecticut this season, but, of course, the actual numbers are a lot higher.

Milford has had 162 cases of lab-confirmed influenza this season. According to the city Health Department, Milford had its flu peak sometime in January with the "number of cases significantly decreasing [in February]."

Good news, Milford. Keep washing those hands, cough into your elbow, and get you flu vaccines!

*When I say "flu" I mean influenza, which is characterized by body aches, fever, and some upper-respiratory symptoms. The "stomach flu" that's going around is not influenza, but an entirely different virus, called norovirus or Norwalk virus (named after a Norwalk in Ohio, not Connecticut). Norovirus is characterized by gastrointestinal symptoms and there's no vaccine for it. It's debatable which virus is worse, but I'd much rather regular old lay-in-bed influenza. 


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