Is Your Sidewalk Covered in Snow?

Where the sidewalk ends: Bridgeport Avenue in Milford Tuesday afternoon (near the 95 on-ramp)

How are sidewalks in your neighborhood?

Three people were hit by a car Monday as they walked in the roadway down Bridgeport Avenue in Devon. I can't say for sure why they were in the road (because I wasn't there), but it's very, very likely that the sidewalk was unavailable due to snow cover.

The emphasis during this storm has been on clearing roads, which makes sense because most of us, even if we don't own a car, use some kind of motorized vehicle to get around. Others need to walk, whether to a bus stop or just to the corner store for a gallon of milk. So, should we place the same priority on sidewalks that we do on roads?

I snapped the above photo when I went down to Bridgeport Avenue today to report on the story of the family that got hit. I'm happy to report that some sidewalks are open, but definitely not all of them. Let me know if the sidewalks in your neighborhood are clear - whether because of a nice neighbor with a snow blower or because someone went out with a shovel. Do you use the sidewalks a lot and want them cleared near your house?


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