Can We Get Lanes on Cherry Street?

Today was the fourth time in, like, 3 weeks that some jerk nearly careened into me on Cherry Street - and I believe it’s because some motorists think that Cherry is only one (giant) lane in each direction.

So, can someone paint some lanes on that street?

As far as I know, Cherry Street is 4 lanes (between Gulf Street and I-95) – 2 going toward the Post Road, 2 going toward downtown. The merging-into-me-and-nearly-ruining-my-day usually happens right after the main entrance to the Shop Rite plaza going toward the Post Road/I-95 ramp. People who are driving in the left lane think the road is one lane, and end up slowly drifting into the right lane. Add to that the people pulling out of the medical park 10 feet in front of your car and you have an eMERGING disaster. 

Anyone else experienced this problem?


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