Clear Sidewalks of Snow, Please: Chief Mello

Just got an email from Milford Police Chief Keith Mello regarding the clearing of sidewalks. Specifically, that he would like you to clear them, please, for the kids. Here's the full message:

"Hello, this is the Chief of Police, Keith Mello. I would like to speak to you regarding an important public safety message. I realize that all of you have been impacted by the unprecedented snow storm that we experienced last Friday and into Saturday. Removing the snow from our streets, driveways and walks has been a significant challenge for everyone. While the Public Works Department continues to clear snow from our roadways, it is important that residents remove the snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes, so that our children will be able to safely walk to their bus stops and that our schools can re-open. Fortunately, the snow pack has been reduced with the milder weather and now is a good time to clear your sidewalks and make our community safer for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good night."

Mello told me on Wednesday that the city would not enforce its $90/day max fine for residents and business owners who don't clear snow from in front of their property. A city ordinance requires all property owners to do that withing 24 hours after the end of precipitation from a snow/ice storm. This city is not enforcing that ordinance right now because of how much snow we got from the blizzard. See more in the story here:


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