Power situation in Milford

There are still more than 12,000 customers in Milford without power, according to United Illuminating.

Where have you seen UI trucks working in Milford?

Send us your pics to rscinto@nhregister.com and we'll post them here.


  1. Nick from Milford wrote:

    . I know these are trying times for the UI Co. and their crews are not to blame but upper management should be called to task on the response and recovery. The first two days it appeared progress was being made and crews were clearing trees mostly city crews.
    On 10-31-12 on Forest Rd UI tree crews were removing trees approximately 25 ft away from the pictured tree and left this one resting on sagging wires, that have gotten progressively worse over the days.
    On 11-1-12, I called UI and the person stated they would send a crew out right away to take care of it and power should be restored during the evening. Nothing.

    The danger is the electric lines being touched accidently by a passerby or the tree falling on a car. Woodruff Rd is even worse with wires resting on sidewalks and the street, near Red Bush Lane. School is scheduled to start on 11-5-12.

    I have yet to see a UI Truck or out of state contractor in Milford, except at restaurants in the morning or evening. I know others have it worse, however approximately 48 hours to evaluate the problem. This is unacceptable and should be questioned by our elected officials. Evaluation should have started at 800 am on 10/30/12 and should have been completed that day. Their coordination and communications are terrible and service delivery shameful.

    But instead we here you have to be patient. With temperatures going into the 30’s this weekend I fear more deaths will be because of the cold.
    This is easy for the UI to sit in their ivory tower on Marsh Hill Rd all lit up and say be patient. It appears they are covering their own buds and those of their stock holders. Rest assure the customers will feel the impact due to rate increases which will make CT the highest in the country for electric power passing Hawaii for the most costly for power.


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