Officer Compare Smashes Sandy Hook Fundraising Goal

Officer Michael Compare
I'm happy to report that Milford Officer Michael Compare raised over $4,000 for the Chase Kowalski Memorial Fund set up in the name of the 7-year-old who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting in December. 

Compare had a goal of raising $3,000 by competing in a half-triathlon in June. Compare decided to run the triathlon in Kowalski's name because both of them love running - Kowalski, though very young, had competed in a triathlon at age 6, and ran in road races around Newtown. 

Here's a link to the Kowalski fund, which has a goal of being "a positive force to inspire community healing through family and children-focused initiatives and programs. By focusing on emotional healing and physical health and wellness, we will positively change the lives of children and their families." 


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