Joe Della Monica Takes Part in a Miracle

You might remember a couple of weeks ago a story we did about Joe Della Monica, a retired Milford cop, performing a mind-blowingly brave rescue of a guy from a car crash on the NJ turnpike. 

On Monday, Mayor Ben Blake honored Della Monica with a proclamation at a Board of Aldermen meeting.  In a speech after getting the proclamation, Della Monica revealed a few facts about the rescue that make it even more amazing.

Just a short recap: The Della Monica family was driving down the turnpike and this guy goes whizzing past them, driving awfully. A little farther down the highway, he crashes. Della Monica leaps out of his car and rescues the guy seconds before the car bursts into flame.
The car, after the rescue. 

With that in mind, here are more facts that prove that basically a miracle happened:

-Della Monica, an ex-cop, was first on scene. The other three people that happened to be there? An off-duty firefighter, an off-duty New York City cop, and an off-duty EMT (all separately just happened to be in the area).

-The fifth and sixth people to arrive on scene? A plastic surgeon and an ER nurse, who were able to stop a major arterial bleed in the crash victim's arm.

-The medical helicopter that took the victim to the hospital had just returned from a flight. If the accident happened a few minutes sooner, the victim might've had to wait longer, perhaps resulting in his death.

In my estimation, that incident was a one-in-a-billion cosmological alignment of trillions of pieces of randomized matter and DNA, the kind of miracle-hurricane that forms every so often at a specific time in a specific place that proves that there are tiny bits of order in a fiery, deadly, infinite, light-speed universe.


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