Independents Endorse Spalthoff

Republican mayoral candidate Peter Spalthoff, 68, picked up an endorsement from the Milford Independent Party over the weekend. Those of you who were around in 2009 might remember that Spalthoff ran as an Independent for mayor that year, a move that some - but certainly not all - in the 2013 Republican party see as a bit of a problem

Here's Spalthoff's letter to the Register regarding the Independent endorsement:
"On Saturday,  August 26th I attended the Milford Independent Party's convention and I am honored to say that I was officially and unanimously endorsed by them as the candidate for Mayor.

I know many of the Independent Party members personally and they are all hard working individuals who have the same love for this City as I do. I commit myself to working on behalf of all my neighbors in Milford and once again, I am truly honored to have been endorsed by the Independent Party."
And just so we're all up to speed, Spalthoff is running against incumbent Democrat Ben Blake in this year's race.


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