See how Milford voted in the 2012 primaries

Tell us what you think about the primary results in Milford. Are they what you expected? What do you think of the turnout?

Turnout overall was low for the primary with only 14 percent of democrats and 21.4 percent of Republicans coming out to vote.

Results for the Republican primary were relatively consistent with the statewide trend in Milford. A higher percentage of Republicans did vote for Shays in Milford compared to the state. Percentages are rounded.

Republican Primary:

Christopher Shays: 320 votes (21.6%) Statewide 27%
Linda McMahon: 1,157 votes (78.3%) Statewide 73%

Likewise, Milford's results are consistent with state results for the Democrat primary with a variance of only a few percentage points.

Christopher Murphy: 861 votes (69.5%) Statewide: 67%
Susan Bysiewicz: 377 votes (30.5%) Statewide: 33%

Source: Milford Registrars of Voters and Hartford Courant.

Orange Avenue Elementary School in the afternoon during the primary. The lack of voters in the picture is consistent with the day's turnout.


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