Milford canoe race scheduled for Saturday

The Milford Invitational Outrigger Canoe Race, hosted by Milford’s Manu’iwa  (pronounced Mon-oo-e-va) Outrigger canoe club will take place this Saturday Aug 4th at 10am at the Gulf Beach Pier in Milford.  According to Mike Smith VP President of Manu’iwa, “Clubs from up and down the east coast will be coming to Milford to race in our annual Milford Invitational.  This is a 10 mile point to point race. The women’s and novice teams will be racing from Gulf Beach to east side of New Haven Harbor and the men’s and mixed teams will race back.”

Milford is the proud home of Connecticut’s only Outrigger club and one the premiere clubs on the east coast.  Racers and fans will be traveling from all over the east coast to visit our city and see what we have to offer, not only on our beaches, the longest in the state, but also our vibrant downtown and community. Please come out to cheer on the racers on Saturday morning.

Manu’iwa Outrigger  Fast Facts Memo
·         Endurance paddling sport
·         Racing boats are 6 seat, 1 seat, 2 seat.
·         Founded in 1995 by Milford resident Blake Conant and other elite marathon canoe paddlers
·         Website:
·         10 members of Manuiwa are Milford residents and 30 are Connecticut residents and about 40 in the club total (the numbers for total Milford residents and CT res are hard numbers waiting on the confirm on how many dues paying members from Treasurer)
·         Aug 4th Race will have clubs racing from DC, Philly, NYC, Ithica, NY and Boston.
·         The races Manu’iwa participates in range from 8 miles to 20 miles.
·         The classifications are based on gender and age of paddlers in the boat.
·         Men/Womens/Mixed (needs to be equal ratio of men to women or more women than men in the boat to be considered mixed)
·         Age classification: Open under the age of 40/Masters/Senior Masters/Golden Masters
·         The Governing Body:

Information was submitted via the Milford mayor's office. 


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