Prevention Council Teaches How To Avoid Alcohol-related Idiocy

A person (who shall remain anonymous) once showed me an outrageous cell phone video of some very drunk men relieving their bladders all over a business in downtown Milford. I suspect this sort of behavior - and worse - probably happens all the time in the vicinity of bars in Milford (and in the vicinity of most every bar in the world).  

In an effort curb this kind of stuff, the Milford Prevention Council is offering a program called TIPS that teaches bartenders and waitstaff how to respectfully "prevent their customers from becoming intoxicated [and urinating on things]." (That bracketed part is my add.)

The Prevention Council touts that TIPS training can reduce property damage, limit liability, aid in bars complying with state laws, and, on a serious note, preventing drunk driving incidents. 

Interested? Contact the Prevention Council at (203) 786-6676. 


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