Milford Hall of Fame Induction 2013

  A grave marker for Milford's first doctor, Jasper Gunn. 

Hey - do you like local history and/or halls of fame? The Milford Hall of Fame is holding its 2013 induction ceremony on Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the Parsons Center. A committee made up of all the ex-living mayors (Richetelli, Jepson, Jagoe, Baldwin, Kozlowski) selects the inductees (who are all, unfortunately, deceased). 

Would you like to know who they're adding to the HoF?

-Fannie Elizabeth Beach: Born in May, 1866; was a school teacher in Milford.
-Capt. Jehiel Bryan: Born in 1728 in Stamford, he served as a captain in the revolutionary war. He died in Milford in 1853. 
-Herbert Israel Mathewson: Former schools superintendent and namesake of Mathewson Elementary. 
-Edward R. Lambert: An author who wrote the book "History of the colony of New Haven before and after the union with Connecticut," which included writings on Milford. 
-Jasper Gunn: Milford's first doctor, he lived between 1606 and 1671. 


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